February 28, Debate Watch Party, Reims


Excited to watch the next debate after the priceless moments we got in Nevada? Join us this Friday at 20:00 at Kilberry to watch the South Carolina presidential debate! We also have some drinking games planned for you 😉 Whether you are candidate-committed or still on the fence, or a regular non-American sciences piste who thinks they’ll do a 3A in Harvard, it is more fun to watch with fellow Democrats!


Drink when:

  • Bernie says he’s tired of billionaires running things, and someone onstage takes offense. Double if that someone is not Bloomberg.
  • Mayor Pete mansplains what leadership is all about.

You can send us your hilarious suggestions here: https://forms.gle/7AsZTBCKR9gt6U3u9

Can’t wait to see you there! Remember this is the last debate before we vote in the primary on Super Tuesday.



  • Friday, February 28, 2020 at 8:00 PM
  • Le Kilberry, 182 rue de Vesle, 51100 Reims

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